#BernieOrBust Is Stupid.

#BernieOrBust, the movement/idea to boycott the Presidential election if Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, is a really dumb idea. I put all the obvious, probably insulting, reasons why it’s dumb at the end so I could point out what should be obvious, but somehow isn’t:

Don’t leave the Democratic Party, take it over.

Google “[Your County Name] Democratic Executive Committee,” show up at the next meeting, and apply to be an appointed, then an elected, precinct committee member. County DECs elect State Committees, who elect the Democratic National Committee. Bernie supporters are,on average, younger and more passionate than the average DEC member. Use that. It’s your Party, take it. The next Progressive firebrand who runs for President would be the Establishment candidate, not an insurgent outsider.

The obvious, probably insulting, reasons why it’s dumb not to vote for President:

The immediate result will be to dramatically increase the odds of electing a far-right nutjob as President who will, with a Republican Congress, undo the modest progress of the last eight years. We will lose the Affordable Care Act, and up to a hundred thousand Americans will receive a death sentence. The dramatic progress made in solar power and electric cars will be destroyed by industry lobbyists, and we will dramatically blow through our carbon targets. The progress made on equal pay, access to contraception, protections for victims of sexual assault and Domestic violence is viewed as unamerican by the Republicans. Kiss civil liberties goodbye. If you thought Obama was bad on deportation, privacy, encryption, whistleblowers, racial justice, drug policy reform, criminal justice, etc.; the GOP all think he’s too soft on all of the above and want to crush individual liberty. Since there will be at least two vacancies on a 4-4 Supreme Court for them to fill without the need for compromise, their agenda would become essentially permanent public policy in the US. You’d be handing them the keys to the kingdom. It very well might be one person, one vote, one time.

If you thought Obama was a warmonger, oh, boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I live a few miles from Central Command Headquarters. I have a personal stake in avoiding the consequences of a right-wing President’s miscalculation of Vladimir Putin. Every one of the GOP candidates wants a tougher, more violent foreign policy, and Republicans in Congress all agree with them. I have never heard any Republican elected official or their advisers mention the risks of more aggressive foreign policy. Have you?