What An Actual President Would Say About Charlottesville

President Donald J. Trump

The White House, USA, Parallel Earth

The tragic events of last weekend have saddened and angered every good American. The horrific violence, instigated by extremists whose hateful ideology belongs on the ash heap of history, has destroyed our complacency and forced me to address a problem I hoped would go away.

You see, even worse than the Confederate and Nazi flags, the hateful rhetoric and the violence that disturbed a beautiful college town, was the implication that these extremists were, at least in part, motivated by my election to come out of the darkness. The chants of ‘Heil Trump’ and ‘Sieg Trump’ have haunted me. The leaders of these vile death cults have invoked MY name, and I can no longer tolerate or ignore these provocations.

So, let me be perfectly clear. Mr. Duke, Mr. Spencer, and all who follow or emulate them: You do not speak for me. You do not speak for the tens of millions of loyal and decent Americans who came out in Primary and General elections all over this great country to cast votes for Donald Trump last year, and the tens of millions who continue to look to me for leadership. Hundreds of thousands of loyal Americans have died to destroy your regimes of hate and fear, and I will not dishonor their sacrifices with my silence in the face of their return. I do not want, no, I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR SUPPORT.

I have directed Attorney General Sessions to begin an inquiry into the feasibility of federal hate crimes and civil rights charges against the suspect in the fatal hit and run attack in Charlottesville on Saturday. I have sent a letter to the Speaker and Minority Leader in the House of Representative, and the leaders of the Senate, asking for their support to increase funding to intelligence units at the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, specifically to combat white supremacist organizations and to determine their criminal and civil liability in these and other acts of terror.

Many have pointed out that my senior advisers, Mr. Miller and Mr. Bannon, have often expressed views in accord with the resurgent white supremacist movement. I find it hard to believe that they could sympathize with such odious views, but their record of statements and writings has caused millions of Americans to doubt their stance on hate and on justice for all Americans. While I still believe that these men are good Americans, no Americans can doubt where the White House stands on extremism and hate. Accordingly, I have reluctantly asked for, and received, the resignations of both men.

I have written a twenty million dollar personal check to my foundation, and will ask for donations from the public for four times that amount, to found an anti-extremism office that will fund groups and programs that help the victims of hate groups and assist former members in leaving their lives of hate and violence. I have asked my daughter Ivanka to lead that effort full-time.

There can no longer be any confusion. Hate has no home, and no friends, in the White House. While these groups have not had a monopoly on violence, and such acts will not be tolerated by anyone, Neo-Nazism, White Supremacy, and Fascism must and will be consigned to a sad chapter in our past.


God Bless America, and all Americans, and good night.